Common Questions


What type of events do you offer?

The Cumbrian chef is perfect for dinner parties’ private events, and special occasions. So, whether it’s a hen night or birthday party, business gathering or just an evening in with friends.


How much does this service cost?

My prices for a private chef experience start at £30 for bowl food per person, £45 for a three-course meal per person and includes all of the ingredient’s costs.



What about an allergen, dietary requirements?

Julian and his team have vast experience with allergens and dietary requirements and I can cater for all different types of dietary requirements such as vegan, gluten-free and has a professional understanding of allergens. Julian holds food level 3 in food safety, allergen awareness and has the City and Guilds Covid awareness training.


What area do you cover?

I live in the lakes just outside Kendal in the village of Levens, I normally aim to cater for events within an hour or so travel time. But I am happy to travel though out the North West


What payment method do you except?

Payment will be made online via our secure payment system.



What about pots and pans?

Julian will have a small collection of his own equipment such as knives/whisks etc but they will rely upon the equipment on site.

However, all my menus are designed to be able to be reproduced using basic kitchen equipment so the chefs will pre-prepare anything tricky off-site.



Do we use our own crockery and cutlery?

Yes, the chef will use your plates and cutlery so please make sure there are sufficient plates and cutlery for all your guests. Julian will call before your event to check on the crockery situation as we can supply crockery if needed.


Adding children’s meals to your event

Hiring a Private Chef to come and cater for you can be a great idea for families who don’t want to pay for a babysitter or taxis to go out to a restaurant. Often our clients arrange their eat time for after they have put their children to bed however, many of our clients still want to include their children in their event and why not?

Children often have different palates and appetites and so you do not have to pay full price for them if you want them to eat from the same menu. Children (aged 12 or under) can be added to your event at 50% of the per head cost of the menu you have chosen, and Julian to make smaller, sometimes simplified, portions for the children. Every child is different so if you think they would like the food as described on the menu then we will leave it as it is and simply present a smaller serving. If you think they would prefer something simpler we can easily make small adjustments so that the menu suits them whilst still basing their meal off the original dish


Who cleans up?

H s and so you do not have to pay full 

Before we leave the venue Julian and his team will do a full clean down of the kitchen and any equipment they have used. This will include stacking the dishwasher and washing up any dirty plates you have finished with. Please note, we politely ask that you empty the dishwasher and leave the kitchen in a clean state for the team’s arrival.


What supplies do you use?

All our ingredients are of the highest quality and locally sourced supporting wonderful suppliers like Cartmel game, Higginson’s butcher in Grange over sands, Hargans fruit and vegetables Flookburgh, and the Cheese larder Kendal.