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Lake Windermere menu

All dinner party menus for a minimum of 6 people



Cartmel valley smoked duck breast - roast plum - rocket salad- orange gel.

Roasted chorizo - calamari - lemon dressed rocket - balsamic vinegar.

Appleby Creamy goats cheese fritter - pea shoots – smoked aubergine .

Main courses

Roast chicken breast - Anna potato - spinach - toasted pinenuts - thyme chicken gravy. GF, DF

Sea bream fillet - sweet potato croquettes - spinach - tomato pepper sauce.

Teriyaki glazed tofu  - sweet sesame cauliflower - wilted spinach. GF, DF, VG


Vanilla creme brûlée - Florentine biscuit

Sticky toffee pudding - salted caramel sauce - clotted cream.

£45 per person.

This menu will be available to all bookings up until 30th November 2021.

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